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The XLH Network, Inc. does not sell, rent, exchange or otherwise disclose our mailing lists or information about our site visitors, subscribers or members. We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the Health On the Net Foundation.

Our F-HYPDRR mailing list is distributed to members world-wide via the Internet.  It is a moderated subscription list, acting as a semi-public forum in which The XLH Network, Inc. members can share information and their experiences. The XLH Network, Inc. endeavors to include medical professionals and researchers who are particularly interested in XLH, as well as XLH patients and their families.  Although privacy is a matter of serious concern to all of The XLH Network, Inc. members, everyone needs to be aware that information posted via the internet can never be guaranteed to be completely confidential.

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The authors of this web site are not medical professionals, and this information does not substitute for medical care. Information on these pages is based on biomedical research, published in peer-reviewed journals, and international research conferences. Additionally, in some cases anecdotal information is provided by subscribers of the F-HYPDRR group, a mailing list for The XLH Network Inc. A listing of XLH research is available. Please read our full disclaimer

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